About Dapo

Dapo was founded in 2015 by “Green Carpenter” Harith Ridzuan, a designer maker hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As the eldest out of 10 siblings, Harith leads the family’s 23-year old furniture making business as a second-generation woodworker and has made over 500 different pieces in his career. 

The carpenter is also committed to producing eco-friendly wood products using sustainable timber and recycled materials. His latest brand Dapo, which derives from the original Bahasa Malaysia word “Dapur” to mean kitchen or cooking stove, offers food enthusiasts with stylish wooden kitchenware made from Malaysia’s harvested, sustainable wood.

Dapo was inspired by the woodworking family’s huge passion for food. As hearty eaters and passionate amateur chefs, the family is no stranger to cooking and hosting large gatherings that centres around delicious home-made local cuisines. It was only natural then for them to share their special range of kitchenware to reflect on the important fusion of design, gastronomy, and family.